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by Gene Andert

We are in the process of developing photo archives of our various Mock families, including all spelling variations, and we need your help. Click here to visit the Mock Family Album. This is a new section being developed and we will be adding to it as more old photographs are acquired.

If you have any you would like to donate, please contact Gene Andert at:

Click here to send E-Mail to Gene Andert

Please have them scanned in either GIF or JPG format, and include a short description or minibiography of that person in 150 words or less. Since space is somewhat limited, we can't promise that all will be used. If you have an old photograph of a Mock or any of its many variant surnames, or an important building that you would like to have scanned and do not have access to a scanner, you can mail it to either either Gene Andert or Jake Mauck and they will scan it at no charge to you. Please check with them by e-mail first for directions on where to mail the photos. Please include a self addressed and stamped envelope so that the photo can be returned to you. You can E-Mail either of them here:

Click here to send E-Mail to Gene Andert
Click here to send E-Mail to Jake Mauck

In your minibiography or description, please include the lineage as far back as you know, and such information as the date and place of events such as birth, marriage and death, name of spouse or spouses, and perhaps names of known children.

Most of us have old photographs put away somewhere and this should be a great way to help preserve our heritage and help other lost cousins find us.

Also include a statement as to how you acquired the photograph and you will be given credit, along with your e-mail address, so that others can find you. You will retain the right to have the photo removed at any time in the future if you change your mind.

Click here to visit the Mock Family Album

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Gene Andert

2002 Mock Family Historian