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Join our free List, MOCK-GEN-L for discussion and sometimes new research on various lines related to Mock, Mauck, Mauk, Mack, and other spellling variations of these surnames, in America and throughout the World. We invite you to sign up for this free on-going forum related to any of these surnames. The messages are interactive, delivered to you by e-mail through the Internet. All are welcome to participate. You may join by sending E-mail to:


or just click on the direct E-mail link below:



Leave the subject line blank but on the first line of the body of the message type in:

SUBSCRIBE MOCK-GEN-L (followed by space then your first and last name)

For example, If your name is Jane Doe, the message would look like this:


Your subscription must be validated and in order to do this, just follow directions on the screen. Once you have joined, the messages to the group are addressed to:


E-mail addressed to MOCK-GEN-L is distributed to all members who are actively subscribed. All messages sent to MOCK-GEN-L are sent to the Mock Archives and can be downloaded later if desired. When you join, you will get more information on the system.

If anyone has any special problems signing on or off, or have any other problems, just leave a personal e-mail message to:

Send E-Mail to:Jake Mauck


All messages sent to the Mock/Mauck discussion group, MOCK-GEN-L since it started in December, 1995, have been saved and can be accessed here. These are listed according to the months the information was sent. All messages can be viewed on-line, copied to disc, printed or an entire month of messages can be downloaded. There is an excellant search engine that allows you to do an on-line search of any name, county, state etc. The entire database is searched, so you do not need to do a search of each month.

This has gotten to be one of our greatest assets for finding information on a specific branch of Mocks, and chances are great you may find the missing information you are looking for here. It is recommended that inovative ways be used to narrow down a search such as using a wife's maiden name or the state or county they were known to have resided. Also don't forget to search for variant spellings.

We cannot guarantee the accuracy of any of this information since it was supplied by many different individuals and has not been screened or analyzed for accuracy. You should be able to locate the E-mail address of the person submitting the information and they should be able to help you resolve any conflicts in data. This database is growing daily, so come back again later if you do not find what you are looking for now.

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