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September 21, 2009

Mock Famiy Historian Working Chart #86

Johan Heinrich Macke & Maria Agnes Meyer

Heinrich A. Macke of Portland, OR



1 – Arnold Macke  b. 1610 Steinfeld, Germany Duchy of Oldenburg; d. 27 Jul 1668 Steinfeld, Germany Duchy of Oldenburg

1.1 – Arnold Macke b. 1637 Steinfeld, Germany; d. 22 Jun 1703 Steinfeld, Germany; m. Gesina ______; d. bef. 1699

1.1.1 – Joes Herman Macke  b. 27 Jul 1673

1.1.2 – Anna Margareta Macke  b. 20 Apr 1675 Steinfeld, Germany; d. 30 Mar 1756 Steinfeld, Germany; m. Jan 1699/1700 in Steinfeld, Germany to Joes Arnold Kenter (Macke) b. 1669 Steinfeld, Germany; d. Mar 1733/1734 Steinfeld, Germany; both bur. Steinfeld, Germany Duchy of Oldenburg

Joes Kenter lived on the Macke farm and married Arnold Macke's dau, Anna Margareta. He remained on the Macke family farm after his marriage to Anna and assumed the Macke family name, eventually inheriting the property, a common custom.

1121 – Catarina Macke  b. 10 Mar 1700/1701

1122 – Johan (Joan) Arnold Macke  b. Steinfeld, Germany Duchy of Oldenburg; m. 1st 2 Oct 1731 in Steinfeld, Germany to Anna Maria Vormann b. 20 Oct 1703 Steinfeld, Germany; d. 10 Feb 1737/1738 Steinfeld, Germany; m. 2nd 19 May 1739 in Steinfeld, Germany to Anna Maria Salfelt b. Steinfeld, Germany

1122.1 – Johan Henrich Macke  b. 28 May 1740 Rteinfeld, Germany; m. 5 Nov 1763 in Steinfeld, Germany to Anna Maria Von Grafen

1122.11 – Johan Henrich Macke  b. 2 Sep 1766 Steinfeld, German; m. Maria Agnes Meyer

1122.111 – Henrich Arnold Macke b. 5 Aug 1793 in Steinfeld, Duchy of Oldenburg, Germany, chr. Heinrich Arend Macke, s/o Johan Heinrich Mack and Maria Agnes Meyer; d. 6 Feb 1884 in Portland, OR.; m. May 1829 in Germany to Maria Elizabeth Meyer b. 10 May 1799 in Germany; d. 27 Apr 1867 in Portland, OR.

Heinrich's birth information was found in the local rathous by Paul H. Mock. The name Arend is the Dutch equivalent of Arnold.  The Catholic priests would commonly christen the babies with the Dutch name.

Heinrich and Maria emigrated from Bremen, Germany in May of 1833, arriving in Baltimore, MD, 3 Jun1833.  He and his wife Maria subsequently settled in Mechanicsburg, Cumberland Co, PA, where he became known as Henry Mock. He became a naturalized citizen 10 Jan 1843; his sponsors were Elias Grabill and Robert Wilson. After obtaining his citizenship he moved his family to Pettis Township, Platte County, MO, and farmed there until 1852 when he headed west via the Oregon Trail, arriving in Portland, OR, in October of 1852.  Maria Elizabeth had previously been married in Germany and had three children by her first husband who also emigrated and settled in MO.  In 1920 Mary M. Mock, 63 year old widow, was censused in Portland as head of household with her daughter Margaret A. and a servant in the home.  In the adjacent census entry was the family of her daughter Elizabeth Yeon.

1122.1111 - John Mock, b. 4 Oct 1838 in Mechanicsburg, PA; d. 8 Aug 1916 in Portland, Multnomah, OR; m. 4 Aug 1874 in Portland, OR to Mary Melissa Sunderland b. 23 May 1856 in Portland, Multnomah, OR d/o Benjamin Franklin Sunderland and Maria Elizabeth Shaeffer; d. 21 Nov 1934 in Portland, Multnomah, OR.

9th generation:

1122.1111.1 - John Benjamin Mock, b. 1877; d. 8 Aug 1961 in El Cerrito, CA; m. 4 Jun 1905 in Okanogan, WA, to Sarah Vietta Curtis b. 23 Apr 1880 in Shoshone, ID, d/o Jestine Hayes and Alton Alfred Curtis; d. Jul 1948 in Oroville, CA. 

The Curtis's were sheep ranchers and owned the first sheep ranch in northern WA (Okanogan County).  There is a famous story in that area about a range war that erupted between the Curtis's and several cattle ranchers.  A peaceful solution won the day and the sheep remained. Hence John Curtis, Alton Benjamin and Arthur Eldore being born in Okanogan.

10th generation

1122.1111.11 - John Curtis Mock b. 3 Jun 1906 in Okanogan, WA; d. 22 Aug 1958 en route over Italy; m. to Ruth Naomi Briskey; died 2002.

11th generation

1122.1111.111 - Margaret Mock b. 25 Jan 1956 in French Morocco, Africa; d. 2004 in Wenatchee, WA.; m. to  Jose David Reyes.

1122.1111.112 - Lillie Carol Mock, m. to Eliud Romero b. in Mexico.


1122.1111.12 - Alton Benjamin Mock b. 14 Oct 1909 Okanogan, WA; d. 10 Oct 1975 El Cerrito, CA; m. 20 Aug 1955 in El Cerrito, CA to Rubye Elmore b. 9 Dec 1911; d. 1996 El Cerrito, CA.

1122.1111.13 - Arthur Eldore Mock b. 27 Sep 1914 in Okanogan, WA; d. 29 Mar 1979 in Seattle, WA; bur. Wenatchee, WA Cem.; m. 16 Jul 1939 in Berkeley, CA to Anna L. Sanford b. 13 Feb 1917 in Lodgepole, S. D., d/o Guy Sanford and Agnes Larsen; d. 21 Nov 1995 in Wenatchee, WA.

Note: Arthur Mock was a U.S. Merchant Marine engineer & served in the Merchant Marines during WWII


1122.1111.2 - Lillie Catherine Mock b. 25 Jan 1880 Portland, Multnomah, OR; d. May 1967 Portland, Multnomah, OR; m. 1903 in Portland, OR, to William F. Amos (M.D.), b. 3 Sep 1869, Cleveland, OH; d. 1954 Portland, Multnomah, OR.

1122.1111.3 - Margaret Alice Mock b. 17 Jan 1882 Portland, Multnomah, OR; d. 20 Apr 1976 Portland, Multnomah, OR.

Margaret's obituary stated that she was 94 when she died. She lived in San Diego for many years, returning to Portland in 1973.

1122.1111.4 - Mary Elizabeth Mock b. 11 Mar 1890 Portland, Multnomah, OR; d. 6 Nov 1955 Portland, Multnomah, OR.; m. 1st  ___ Welch; m. 2nd  1907 in Portland, OR to John Yeon, b. 24 Apr 1865 in Plaganet, Ontario, s/o Baptiste J. and Delemasse Yeon; d. 15 Oct 1928 in Portland, Multnomah, OR.

John Yeon was a logger, road supervisor for the Columbia River Highway System and businessman in Portland.  He built the still standing Yeon building in downtown Portland.

1122.1111.41 - Mary Pauline Yeon b. 17 Jul 1908; m. to George W. Joseph b. 1906; d. 1958.

1122.1111.42 - John B. Yeon b. 1910; d. Oct 1994.

1122.1111.43 - Allen Eugene Yeon b. 1913; d. 1935.


1123 – Herman Macke  b. 19 Sep 1706

1124 – Henrich Bernard Macke  b. 31 Dec 1708

1.1.3 – Joes Arnold Macke  b. 18 Sep 1678








Mock family research by Paul H. Mock, great-grandson of Heinrich Macke,


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