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February 28, 2007

Mock Family Historian

"Working Chart" for Johann Welk/Welck  Chart #03b

from Caral Mechling Bennett


I - Johann Welk b. ca1670/77 Germany; d. 19 May 1752; m. ca1700/02 in Dammhof/ Adelshofen,Germany to Anna Dorothea ____  Johann's occupation: Dairy manager


1.1 - Johann Christoph Welck b. ca1703; d. 25 Mar 1772; m. 27 Jan 1728 in Adelshofen to Anna Veroniga/Kettiger d/o Johann Georg Kettiger

1.1.1 - Christoph Welck b. ca1732; d. 01 Oct 1749

1.1.2 - Johannes Welck b. 18 Nov 1741; d. 26 Feb 1746

1.1.3 - Anna Catharina Welck b. 23 Oct 1744; d. 01 Oct 1769

1.1.4 - Anna Barbara Welck m. 07 Nov 1769 Graf George Heinrich Niederhofen, s/o Graf Heinrich George Niederhofen, Buerger & Weingaertner/ citizen & wine gardner of Niederhofen

1.1.5 - Georg Michael Welck m. 15 Nov 1774 Margaretha Welck d/o Michael and Anna Welck


1.2 - Anna Margaretha Welck b.ca1704/06; d. 7 Dec 1755; m. 10 Nov 1722 in Dammhof bei Adelshofen to  Georg Michael Frick


1.3 - Anna Dorothea Welck b. 1706; d. 21 Mar 1707


1.4 - Hans Peter Welck b. 27 Jun 1708; d. 4 Feb 1778; m. Anna Elisabetha ____ d. 11 Aug 1775 Adelshofen


1.5 - Anna Dorothea Welck b. 23 May 1710 Dammhof bei Adelshofen; d. 07 Dec 1755; m. (1) 08 Feb 1729 in Adelshofen to J. Andreas Seitzb. 02 Aug 1700 Adelshofen, s/o Hans Andreas Seitz & AnnaSchlauch; (his 1st marr. to Susanna Barbara Maier) m. (2) Georg Heinrich Waltz d. 23 Nov 1782, a citizen of Adelshofen, Occ. Weaver


Children of J. Andreas Seitz & Susanna Barbara

a. Johann Dietrich Seitz b. 22 Jan 1725; m. Dorothea Stoll


Children of J. Andreas Seitz & Anna Dorothea Welck

1.5.1 - Anna Maria Elisabeth Seitz b. 17 Nov 1727

1.5.2 - Johannes Andreas Seitz b. 02 Nov 1731; d. 06 Jan 1783

1.5.3 - Susanna Barbara Seitz b. 28 Sep 1733; d. 22 Apr 1738

1.5.4 - Johann Peter Seitz b. 16 Mar 1736; m. 12 Jun 1765 Maria Sofia Geissbuehler

1.5.5 - Johann Heinrich Seitz b. 31 Mar 1738


1.5.6 - Johannes Seitz b. 30 Jan 1740 Adelshofen; d. 1793 York Co., PA; m. 08 May 1764 Anna Catharina Ripp/Rueb; emigrated to America 1764, ship Richmond with J. Michael Maag

1561 - Catherine Seitz b. 77 days after their arrival in America (ca Jan 1765)


1.5.7 - Anna Barbara Seitz b. 21 Sep 1742


Children of Anna Dorothea Welck Seitz & George Heinrich Waltz

1.5.8 - Susanna Charlotte Waltz/Walz b. 06 Oct 1746; m. 08 May 1764 in Adelshofen to Johann Michael Maag from Ittlingen. Emigrated to America with Johannes Seitz, Susanna's half brother


1.6 - Anna Catharina Welck b. 04 Aug 1712; d. 31 May 1755; m. 23 Jan 1751 Adelshofen Conrad Stoll

1.7 - Anna Barbara Welck b. 02 Aug 1714; m. Heinrich Friedrich aus Echtingen


1.8 - Johann Michael Welck b. 24 Aug 1716; d. ____; m. Anna ___, divorced after 1745, d. 08 Jan 1776 Adelshofen. At death of Anna Welck, one finds the following remark: "Anna, Michael Welchens wife (former citizen & weaver, of his life or death one knows nothing/ if he's living or dead


1.8.1 - Dietrich Welck b. 18 Oct 1738; m. 24 Aug 1770 in Adelshofen to Dorothea Stoll

1.8.2 - Johannes Welck b. 23 Nov 1739

1.8.3 - Johannes Andreas Welck b. 23 Nov 1740

1.8.4 - Maria/Anna Dorothea Welck b. 06 Jan 1742 Adelshofen; d. 09 Feb 1804; m. 31 Jan 1775 in Adelshofen to  Leonhard Stunz


Child of Maria Dorothea Welck & J. Philippe von Gemmingen (not married)

1841 - Ludwig/Lewis Welck/Seitz b. 05 Jan 1763 Dammhof bei Adelshofen; Came to America with Johannes Seitz (See C. Bennett's notes below). d. ca1820/22PA ; m. ca1788 in York Co, PA to Anna Beery/Bieri b. 30 Jan 1768 Lancaster/York Co, PA; d. 30 sep 1831 Fairfield Co.,OH, bur. Pleasant Run Cem. now called Baptist Corner Church cem, 8 miles east of Lancaster d/o John & Catherina Hunsaker Beery. (line of Caral M. Bennett)Note from Caral: If this Dorothea Welck is the birth mother of [my] Lewis Seitz, what a tragedy -- seeing possibly the only child that lived any length of time, emigrating to another land where she could never see him again. Ca1788-90 - to Shenandoah Valley, VA. Among his neighbors… were the Beery, Hite, Spitler, Bretz, Bibler, Schwartz families, many of whom also emigrated with the Lewis Seitz family to Fairfield Co., OH

1841.1 - John Seitz b.1790; d1874, m. Magdelena Spitler

1841.2 - Daniel Seitz b. 1791; d. 1864; m. (1) Elizabeth Hite; m. (2) Catharine Beery

1841.3 - Catherine Seitz b. 1793; d. 1863; m. Jacob Spitler

1841.4 - Elizabeth Seitz b. 1794; d. aft 1843; m. "Squire" John Hite

1841.5 - Mary Seitz b. 1795; m. Henry Spitler

1841.6 - Abraham Seitz b. 1796; d. 1882; m. Rebecca Huddle

1841.7 - Jacob Seitz b. 1797; m. Catherine Meyer

1841.8 - Noah Seitz b. 1798; d. 1867; m. Polly Stoneburner

1841.9 - Lydia Seitz b. 1800; d. 1866; m. John Bretz

1841.a - Susanna Seitz b. 1801; d. 1875; m. John Staly

1841.b - Lewis Seitz b. 1802; d. 1890; m. (1) Barbara Kagy; m. (2) Mrs. Martha (Mauck) Hershberger (See Chart #23A #, Martha, d/o David and Sally Stroup Mauck

1841.c - Anna Seitz b. 1805; d. 1863; m. Benjamin Huddle

1841.d - Rebecca Seitz b. 1807; d. 1887; m. Henry Childre Friesner

1841.e - Peter Seitz b. 1810; m. Rebecca Spitler


Children of Maria Dorothea & Leonhard Stunz

1842 - Johann Dietrich Stunz d. 21 Sep 1776 Adelshofen, age 6 weeks

1843 - Margaretha Elisabetha Stunz d. 29 Dec 1778 Adelshofen, age 6 weeks

1844 - Johann Dietrich Stunz d. 17 Nov 1781, age 1 y 11 m

1845 - John Christoph Stunz d. 1781, age 5 days


1.8.5 - Maria Margaretha Welck b. 03 Oct 1743; m. 15 Nov 1774 in Adelshofen to Georg Michael Welck s/o Christoph & Anna Kettiger Welck


Child of J. Michael Welck & Margareta Barbara Roecklin

1.8.6 - infant stillborn (Written in church book & book 700 Years Adelshofen) An illegitmate child was still born on 09 Aug 1744 to Michael Welck; the mother was Margareta Barbara Roecklin; see 700 Jahre Adelshofen pg 227-228. The marriage with Anna was separated/ divorced, Michael Welck must leave the land of Graf Neipperg.



Notes from Caral Mechling Bennett


Michael Maag and Johannes Seitz are both listed, as you know, as: "…in May 1764, eight days after their marriage, emigrated…" (and appear on the ship's listed together). This info also comes from the book, 700 Jahre Adelshofen/ 1287-1987 . As the book states, there were times when the ruling factor of the area forbid marriages and births of children, so the young persons had no other choice, but to emigrate. I believe the reason for forbidding children and marriages at that time was the scarcity of land for division - on which new couples/families could settle.

This is probably the main reason that Johannes took Ludwig (probably by birthright, a Welck, not Seitz) to America. Not only was Ludwig's mother, Anna Dorothea Welck, not married, but having a child at that time, was forbidden…! And then there was the incident with her father [Michael - 1.8] (a tailor by profession)…see 1.8.6 Infant stillborn… seems there was a child born to a gal in the tailor shop, but neighbors didn't know what became of it. When investigating, the authorities found the remains/bones of an infant buried in the basement……that they could not prove Michael Welck and the gal had committed any wrong doing, but banished them anyway.

If I have the Welk/Welcks straight, this Michael Welck was a brother-in-law to Georg Heinrich Walz, being Susanna Charlotta Walz's uncle and my 6th great grandfather…! C. Bennett


1.8.4 Dorothea Welck/Welk - There appears in the Adelshofen Evangelical church book this birth record:

Dorothea Welck/Welk, (single daughter of Johan Michael Welck, a dairymaster &/or tailor, whose family livced and worked at the Dammhof near Adelshofen, a large tract of land and farm controlled by the Landlords, the von Gemmingen family), registered in the church records under the date of 05 January 1763, the birth of a son, Ludwig.

The entry reads: (translation) Dorothea Welkin, the single daughter of citizen Johann Michael Welken; the father of her child (titles) Johann Philipp von Gemmingen from Babstatt, also single. Sponsors: Johann Ludwig Speck, fellow tailor, single, Anna Chatharina, citizen Christoph Fricken's wife, Dorothea, citizen Conrad Stollen's daughter."


I believe that Johan Michael Welck (1.8) was a brother to Anna Dorothea Welck (1.5), the mother of Johannes Seitz, the immigrant. This would make Johannes Seitz and Dorothea Welck, mother of Lewis/Ludwig, first cousins. Also that this child, Ludwig, born to first cousin Dorothea Welck , single, was sent to America with Johannes Seitz, simpligying matters in Adelshofen/ Dammhof, and giving him a better chance in life…his age would have been 1 year 4 months.


Lewis Seitz: Who are you?

In the 223 years since Lewis first arrived in America, his birth date and place had never been established. The familiar traditional story passed down over the years, is that Lewis sailed with his parents from Germany on board ship Richmond, arriving Philadelphia, PA in 1764. His sister, Catherine, was born 77 days after their arrival in America. In the will of Johannes (John) Seitz, he is called, "my son Ludwig".

Even at death, Lewis Seitz is a mystery to us . We can figure that he died CA 1820/22, perhaps in Washington Co.PA

(Probate record - Seitz N.L. Vol. I #2, pg. 16)

This flowery report of his last days: "Circa 1821/22 Lewis took a trip on horseback to Rockingham Co., VA and York Co, PA, preaching at the different Baptist churches enroute, and visiting his old home and relatives. Rev. Edward Seitz Shumaker wrote, ‘With these sweet memories to cheer him, Lewis started on his homeward journey, still preaching as he went,but God had other plans for His servant, for in Washington, PA, Lewis sickened, and in the land of strangers, perhpas alone with God --Good took him to be with him. We do not know the date of his death neither do we know of his burial place, and it is quite probable that his grave is unmarked, as he slumbers in that strange land, awaiting the resurrection of the just. ‘"

From the Probate records at Lancaster, Fairfield Co., OH : "Know all men by these presents, that we, Daniel Sites, John Hite, Jacob Beeri and Jacob Huber of the county of Fairfield and state of Ohio …… signed 21 May 1823


Listed in the newspaper, the OHIO EAGLE, dated 27 Oct 1825 -- notice was hereby given that the accounts and vouchers in the following estates were presented for settlement at the May term -- among them, that of Lewis Sites.