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Andreas Heinrich Maagd / Andrew Maught

of Maryland

and some of his descendants


Paul R. Swan

June 7, 2007





The research for this lineage was for the most part carried out before I had in hand the first reference cited below, American Patriot vs. Hessian Mercenary, by sisters Lynda Alexander-Fonde and Marsha Alexander-Groff, 1991.  If any reader of this present work is descended from Andrew Maught, I heartily recommend that you read their story of the circumstances surrounding Andrew's conscription into his German regiment, the battles in which he fought in the Revolutionary War, his capture and treatment after the battle of Yorktown, Virginia, and life in early Frederick County, Maryland.  It is a thoroughly researched and beautifully written account, and includes photographs of Andrew Maught, his son Daniel, and of many of his descendants.  The book is available on inter-library loan.






Andreas Heinrich Maagd was born Feb/Mar 1759, and was of Thiersheim, in the district of Wunsiedel, part of the Margravate of Ansbach-Bayreuth (later Bavaria), when he was conscripted as a private in one of the two Ansbach-Bayreuth regiments hired by England to fight in the American Revolution.  Commanded by Col. August Vanentin von Voit von Salzburg at the battle of Yorktown, Virginia, these were known as Hessian soldiers because most of the men were either from Hesse-Cassel or Hesse-Darmstadt.   Andreas was captured at Yorktown in 1781, and marched to a prison first in Winchester, Virginia, and then to Fredericktown, Maryland.  He was listed as a deserter 13 May 1783, after he was released and chose not to return to Germany, along with many of his compatriots.


During his life in Frederick County, Maryland, Andreas became known as Andrew Maught.  He married Maria Barbara Reicher in 1784, had seven children between 1785 and 1804, and was naturalized 12 Feb 1814. On his tombstone in St. Mark's Episcopal Cemetery it is recorded that he died 7 Sep 1840 at age 80 years and 6 months.   Maria Barbara died before 1840, and nothing more is as yet known about her ancestry.


Andrew's name was recorded with many different spellings in Maryland.  Williams and McKinsey [1910] unfortunately name him as John Maught, but correctly list his seven children by name.  That county history simply gave "Mr. [Charles C.] Maught's great-grandfather" the name of his grandfather, Andrew's eldest son John, by mistake. (Two references I've seen, Reamy and Reamy [1993] and Schildknecht [1989], copy Williams and McKinsey and so propagate the error made there in his given name.)  Alexander-Groff and Alexander-Fonde [1991] report his name as Andrew Maught, originally Andreas Heinrich Maagd, and list the seven identical children. Larry Gamby [2007] kindly provided me with his copy of an article from the Journal of the Pennsylvania German Society which records multiple spellings: Andreas Heinrich Maagd / Andreas Heinrich Macht / Andrew Mockett /Andrew Mock / Andrew Mott / Andrew Mocht / Andrew Macht / Andrew Maught.  I accept the first and last of these as his birth name in Germany and his adopted name in America.  That article is appended at the end of this report.


This present account of his life and descendants has been compiled from many sources, and I have attempted to cite the earliest source for each record in so far as possible.  I am confident that all of these records pertain to the correct individuals. However, the precise spelling and citation is retained below for each individual record, as are the incorrect spellings, dates and ages to which, however, I add comments.


There were other Maughts living near these families whom I have not identified, but who are probably related.  At the end of this report, I have listed records of these Maughts not (as yet) connected to this lineage.


Here is a image of the area around the city of Frederick, Frederick County, Maryland, where place names mentioned in the text have been underlined for easier visibility. The family first settled near Petersville, towards the bottom-left corner of this image. The dashed line south of Petersville is the Potomac River border with Virginia.



Frederick City Vacinity



Andreas Heinrich Maagd / Andrew Maught   &   Maria Barbara Reicher



Alexander-Fonde and Alexander-Groff [1991] write that their Maught immigrant's birth name was Andreas Heinrich Maagd, and that he was born in Germany in 1758. 


Weiser [1972] reports the 18 May 1784 marriage of Andreas Heinrich Macht and Maria Barbara Reichertin, proclaimed three times, witnesses Michael and Anna Maria Reichert, in the Evangelical Congregation (formerly the Monocacy Church) in the City of Frederick.  It's unknown what the relationship was among these three Reicherts, but they were surely closely related.  Two and a half years later, Michael Reichert married Marg. or Mary Lintch in the Middletown congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church on 9 Nov 1786 [FHL, "Transcript of church records, 1746-1887].


The seven children of Andrew and Maria Barbara given by Alexander-Fonde and Alexander-Groff are the same as those listed by Williams and McKinsey [1910], except that neither source individually had enough birth dates to record the siblings in correct order.  Both references state that Andrew worked as a weaver.   


Andrew Mocht was naturalized 12 Feb. 1814, Frederick County, renouncing his allegiance to the King of Great Britain [Gamby, 2007].   Great Britain?  Perhaps the American authorities concluded that all of their opponents in the Revolutionary War had in effect made allegiance to England.


Andrew Mock of Frederick Co. bought from Alexander Thomas Hawkins and wife Sarah of Frederick Co. part of Resurvey on part of Hawkins Merry Poop a Day for £129, 10sh.  The tract is described in perches and bearings, beginning at a white Oak Tree, the beginning of a tract called Brothers Goodwill granted to James Hawkins [Frederick Co., MD Land Records; Recorded 20 Jul 1795, Liber A: Folio 37 and Liber 13, Folio 412]. Also at about this time, Andrew Mock purchased land from Frederick Nicodemus [Frederick Co., MD Land Records; Liber 20: Folio 425], but I haven't seen that record. That land might even have abutted the Hawkins parcel.  I have not found any other records of an Andrew Mock in Frederick County before 1850.  Therefore I think it certain that these land purchases were made by Andrew Maught.   The metes and bounds on the Hawkins land are given by Alexander-Fonde and Alexander-Groff, who provide the entire text of the property deed. These bounds can be plotted, starting at the southernmost point, to show the size and shape of the property that Andrew purchased (the distance units are in perches, 16.5 feet, and the parenthetical 7th bound was calculated in order to satisfy the specified "then by a staight line to the Beginning").  The computed area with these meets and bounds is 36.5 acres, reasonably close to the specified "thirty seven Acres of Land more or less".





The unusual shape happens to make it easy to locate this property.  It's a convenient fact that property lines in Western Maryland, while they vary in detail, have kept their overall locations and orientations over the more than two hundred years since Andrew bought his property (except in areas of urbanization).  If you examine a Google satellite image of the land around Petersville, MD, you will immediately notice that the NNE trend lines of his property are mirrored only by land to the north and to the southof the present town.  A closer examination of those areas shows with little doubt where Andrew's land was located, and that the boundaries are still mostly intact.  This can be demonstrated by superposing the outline of his property onto the Google hybrid map, as shown below, where the present town of Petersville is at the left bottom edge of the image.  The only adjustment needed was to make sure that both images were drawn to the same scale before positioning the overlay.  Notice St. Mark's Road to the east of his land.  According to a USGS map, St. Mark's Episcopal Church and Cemetery, where many of the family were buried, lay along the east side of the middle third of the section of this road between Rte. 180 and I-340.



The 1820 census for Andrew Mocht in the 3rd District of Frederick Co, MD shows the four eldest children absent from the home, and son Henry's age fudged a bit, probably so he would not be recorded also in the special 16 to 18 year male age bracket eligible for military duty.  There was also in the household a female aged 10 to 16, thus born 1804 to 1810, who has not been identified as a daughter of Andrew and Maria Barbara.  She also appeared, age 20-30, in the 1830 3rd District census, this time for Andrew Maught, in which only Samuel and Henry were still in the home.  That year Andrew also had a male and female slave, 10-24 years of age, and a female slave 36-55 years old.


In the 1840 Petersville census for Andrew Maught, Maria Barbara did not appear, there was a female and a male born 1810 to 1820, another male born 1825 to 1830, and three slaves.


Alexander-Fonde and Alexander-Groff present in their book all of the details of the final settlement of the Estate of Andrew Maught 28 Jan 1850 by his son Samuel, the surviving Administrator.  After payments of debts and fees, the balance of the estate amounted to $436.49 which was distributed equally to the six living heirs, with a seventh share to the heirs of the eldest son John, by that time deceased.


The seven children of Andrew and Maria Barbara (Reicher) Maught were Catharina "Katy", Mary Ann, John Thomas, Daniel, William, Samuel and Henry:


i   Catharina "Katy" Maught, daughter, born 14 Oct 1785, died 9 May 1853 [Alexander-Fonde and Alexander-Groff, 1991].  Catharina married George Rhodes, b 16 Aug 1782, d 20 Mar 1850; he and Catharina are buried in St. Mark's Episcopal Cemetery [Alexander-Fonde and Alexander-Groff, 1991].  (The authors throughout their book name this as the Petersburg Episcopal Cemetery, but I have corrected this in each case to read St. Mark's Epicopal Church Cemetery.)  There is an IGI submitted record of a George Road/Rhodes, born about 1783 in MD, married 4 Mar 1806 in Frederick Co., MD.  No wife's name is given, but I feel reasonably certain, although not positive, that this was a record of the marriage of Catharina. There is also record of a George Rhodes born "about 1786" to Heinrich and Catharine (Roth) Rhodes, of Maryland [FHL IGI submitted and Ancestral File], but the birth date is somewhat disparate. These were probably Catharina's in-laws, but with less than reasonable certainty.


ii    Mary Ann Maught, daughter, born about 1787, died 1 Mar 1854, and was buried in St. Mark's Episcopal Cemetery [Alexander-Fonde and Alexander-Groff, 1991]. 


iii    John Thomas Maught, son, born July of 1789 in the Middletown Valley of Frederick County, died 12 Sep 1848, and was buried in the Burkittsville Union Cemetery [Alexander-Fonde and Alexander-Groff, 1991; middle name from WorldConnect records].  John was married 5 Dec 1815 to Mary Magdalena "Polly" Easterday born 1 Nov 1792 Frederick Co., MD [Alexander-Fonde and Alexander-Groff, 1991], daughter of Conrad and Marie Barbara (Blessing) Easterday [McDaniel, 2007].  She died in Burkittsville aged 96 years, 2 month, 12 days [Obituary The Antietam Wavelett, Keedysville, MD newspaper].


John was killed "by a waggon and horses" [Manahan, 1996; citing The Jacob Engelbrecht Death Ledger].  


The number of children born to John and Mary can be deduced from the census data.  The 1830 District-3 census indicated three sons born between 1815, their marriage year, and 1820, and four daughters 1820 through 1830.  From other sources we know that sons Andrew and Conrad were born 1818 and 1820, and from the 1850 census we know three of the daughters were Mary, Sarah and Juliann.  The other one's name was found to be Catherine Ann Elizabeth.  Alexander-Fonde and Alexander-Groff at the time of their work were only aware of three or four children, Andrew, Phoebe, Conrad and, "possibly", Eliza.


In the 1840 Petersville census, however, in addition to one son born before 1820 still at home, as well as a daughter, (Eliza) born after 1835, we find four males also born 1820 to 1830 who did not appear in the 1830 census. That census also had mother Mary's age ten years in error, and I have to for the present ignore the four extra 10 to 20 year old males that year, who could have been teenage boarders or laborers living with the family.


In 1840 John was censused in the Petersville District as the owner of three slaves.  Andrew C. H. Maught and his family were living with his mother in 1850, so probably he was also the son at home in 1840.  Also in Mary's home in 1850 was George W. Easterday, a 29 year old laborer, probably a nephew of Mary's, while three households down in the census was an Elizabeth Esterday, 45, with a Juliann Esterday, 41 living with her. Mary's own daughter, Juliann, was 21 in that census.  (Judging from the preponderance of the spelling Easterday in the IGI recorded births in Maryland, it's probable that the Esterday spelling is a typical census anomaly.)


John's wife Mary was censused as 30 to 40 years of age in both the 1830 and 1840 Petersville, Frederick Co. censuses, but as 58 years when the head of her own household in 1850.  That year she owned real estate worth $5000, and her four daughters and son Andrew C. H. were each listed with real estate worth $1200, presumably their shares of John's estate.


In 1860 Mary was head of a household of nine Maughts in Petersville, Frederick Co., MD.  These were  herself, age 67, her daughters Sarah, 32,  Juliah, 30, and Eliza, 24, her son Conrad's widow Mariah (Myra), 36, her son Thomas, 50, and Myra's three children, William, 12, Lucinda, 10 and Franklin, 7 (all listed in just that order).  In 1870 in Burkittsville, Mary, age 77, had her daughter Julia, 41, and grandaughter Lucinda, 20 in her home, as well as 13 year old Jennie Ahalt.  And in 1880 her daughter, Julia A. S. Maught, and Virginia Ahalt were still living with her.


The nine children of John and Mary "Polly" (Easterday) Maught were Thomas J., Andrew C. H., Conrad W., Mary A., Phebe A. R. (who died in infancy), Catherine Ann Elizabeth, Sarah Ann Ellan (probably Ellen), Julia Ann S. and Eliza A. E. Maught:


1    Thomas J. Maught, son, born 25 Dec 1816 and died 20 Apr 1899.  Thomas married Civila/Savilla Wolfe, born 5 Feb 1821 in Maryland and died 3 Oct 1901.  All of this information from Holdcraft [1966; citing Frederick Mt. Olive Cemetery] who had her first name as Civila.


In the 1850 Petersville District census, the household listed just before that of John's widow Mary was that of their son Thomas J. Maught, age 33, and wife Savilla, age 29. In their home was a Hulda Stine, 15 years of age, and the value of Thomas' farm was $1250.   In Petersville in 1860 Thomas J. Maught, age 43, was censused as a merchant with $1000 of real estate and $4000 personal estate.  The given name of the 37 year old female Maught in the household starts clearly with "M", and is at most three or four letters long (possibly "Mrs."?).  James and Annie Dixon, 17 and 14, were in the household, as was 36 year old George Nixdorff, a Lutheran Minister.  By 1870 the retail grocer Thomas, 53 and Sabilla, 49, were living in the 5th Ward of Frederick City with personal estate valued at $1200.  Living alone next door to them was his uncle William Maught, aged 75.  By 1880 he and Savilla, 63 and 58, were still in Frederick (City), where he was working as a Clerk in a store.  In 1900 the widow Savilla was living in a boarding house (with 14 others) in Frederick where her name was recorded as Civalo, and she reported her birth as Feb, 1821.


2    Andrew C. H. Maught, son, born 17/20 May 1818 and died 12/13 Jul 1892 in Frederick, Maryland [Holdcraft, 1966; citing Jefferson Union] (various sources citing Holdcraft give slightly different days).  Andrew C. H. was married 8 May 1848 in Frederick County to Mary Ann Rebecca Long, born 11 Jan 1823, daughter of Christopher and Betsy F. (Easter/Fiester/Feaster) Long and died 3 Aug 1902 [Holdcraft, 1966; citing Jefferson Union with the surname Easter; McDaniel, 2007].  Considering the other Maught associations with the Easterday family, it might be asked if Mary's mother was an Easterday rather than an Easter.  However, there are records on WorldConnect of the marriage 27 Dec 1817 of John Long, born 17 Aug 1790 in Frederick County, MD, to Elizabeth Fiester/Feaster, born 12 Dec 1794 in Jefferson, Frederick Co., MD.  Some of those records list eight children including Mary Ann Rebecca, so her parentage is quite uncertain.  One of those records states that she died in Burkittsville, and was buried in the Lutheran Cemetery, Jefferson, Frederick County.


Andrew was born near Burkittsville, and lived all of his life on the farm he received from his father.  The farm was passed on to his son Charles. [Williams and McKinsey, 1910].


The census record for Andrew Mocht of 1840 lists him and his wife as born 1810 to 1820, a male in the household born 1825 to 1830, another born 1750 to 1760, and three slaves.  The elder man was not Andrew's father John, who was censused separately, but could have been his father-in-law Christopher Long. I could not find a census record for  Andrew in Frederick County in 1850.


In 1860 Andrew and Mary, ages 42 and 38, were censused in Petersville with John, 11 and Charles, 6.  Andrews was a farmer with real estate valued at $11,935 and personal estate at $2,250.  The 1870 census is amusing, as the couple were censused as Anna C. H., female 52 years old, and Mary A. R., female 48 years old.  John's and Charles' ages were recorded as 20 and 16.  The real estate that year was valued at $16,000 and the personal at $3000.


In 1880 Andrew (by then a male, again) and Mary were censused in Petersville with their son John and his wife Florence living with them.  Three relatives were in the household, including sister-in-law Susan Long:




By 1900, Mary (incorrectly indexed as Manght by Heritage Quest) was living with relatives in the home of Emory R. and Annie M. Remsburg, married 16 years, recorded as having no children.  Emory was born Jan 1858, and Annie Feb 1862.  Mary was listed as a widow and aunt, born Jan 1823 having borne two children, one (Charles) still living.  Also in the household were Joseph W. Long, brother-in-law, born Aug 1879, and Mary P. E. Easterday, servant, born Aug 1880. 


The two children of Andrew C. H. and Mary Ann Rebecca (Long) Maught:

i    John Maught, son, born in 1849 and died in 1880.  John married 1880 to  Florence M. Horine, born in Dec 1856, daughter of Ezra and Eliza Ann (Hanes) Horine and died in 1945.   All of this from Holdcraft [1966; citing Burkittsville Lutheran Church] and in part confirmed by the 1880 census of John's father, with whom they were living at that time, with ages 30 and 23.  Florence in 1900 was living with her father and mother (listed as Anna E.), censused in Burkittsville seven households after her brother-in-law Charles Maught, and next to a Lewis and Martha Easterday family.  In 1910 she was still with her parents, with age recorded as 53.  There were several Horine and Ahalt families living in nearby households.  In 1920 she and her mother were living alone together, ages 63 and 83, in Burkittsville, some 10 households from John Ahalt and his sisters.  By 1930, at age 72, Florence M. Maught was living with her sister Mattie E. Kefauver in Braddock, Frederick, MD, and reported that she had been married at age 24.  Mattie, aged 71, owned her own home, worth $5300, and reported that she had been married at age 46.


The only child of John and Florence (Horine) Maught:

1   John A. E. H. Maught, son, born 30 Jan 1881 [SSDI] or 1876/78 [censuses], died Mar 1966 in New Orleans.  John married Cecile Cassard, daughter of Adrien Benjamin and Marie Aglaee (Materre) Cassard [ aqwg55.htm#1869], born 1879/85 in Louisana.  John A., born MD, and Cecile Maught, ages 33 and 30 and married less than a year, were living 1910 in a boarding house in New Orleans, he working as a clerk for the Internal Revenue, if I read the census record correctly.  By 1920, with ages given as 42 and 35, they were still in New Orleans, on Audubon Blvd., with a son Adrian aged 8 years.  John's occupation was given as Federal ..., the remainder unreadable, but Alexander-Fonde and Alexander-Groff write that he worked for the U. S. Revenue Service.  Cecile's name and birth year are from these two censusus.  The online marriage indexes for New Orleans, searched from 1908 through 1911, do not include this couple, so Cecile's home was probably not in the city [].  There is a Social Security Death Index record for John Maught, born 30 Jan 1881, died Mar 1966 [SSDI].  The final residences listed are identical to those of his son Adrien.  I feel sure that this is the same John Maught, and so have adopted its dates, but this suggests he reported his age as three or four years older than reality in all of the censuses.


The only son of John A. E. H. and Cecile Maught:

i  Adrien A. Maught, son, born 18 Sep 1911 in New Orleans, Louisiana, died 8 Dec 2002 [SSDI].  Adrien married Elizabeth ____, born 6 Sep 1912 and died 18 Dec 1990 [SSDI].  Both of their final residences were Lafayette Square and New Orleans, Louisiana.  Adrien was 91 years old when he died.  He was a 1933 graduate of Tulane University

 [ alumni2.pdf.].


A son of Adrien A. and Elizabeth Maught:

1  Adrien A. Maught, Jr., was a Director, COO and President 1996 and 1997 of DataMetrics Corp. of Orlando, Florida.  He before then was President of the Adrien A. Maught Company, an industrial real-estate and management consultant firm.


ii   Charles Christopher Maught, son, born 16 Mar 1854 on the farm "Happy Home" in Burkittsville, Frederick Co., on the road to Harper's Ferry, and died 12 Feb 1943.  Charles was married 20 Jan 1880 to Julia K. Bowlus, born 31 Oct 1857,  daughter of Captain Stephen R. and Caroline (Remsburg) Bowlus and died 4 Mar 1922.  They were both buried in the Jefferson Union Cemetery [Alexander-Fonde and Alexander-Groff, 1991].  Charles middle name is from a WorldConnect record.   Charles and Julia were censused 1880 in the 3rd District of Montgomery County, MD.  By 1900 they were back in the Burkittsville District, Frederick County, from which we obtain the childrens' names and birth dates.  In Burkittsville 1910 he was censused as Charles C. (but indexed as Charlie C. by Heritage Quest), age 56 and married 30 years, Julia was 52 and listed three children, all living.  In 1920 Chas. C.  and Julia K. Maught were living with their daughter Esther Routzahn in Burkittsville.


The  three children of Charles and Julia (Bowlus) Maught [Alexander-Fonde and Alexander-Groff, 1991]:

1    Marget A. R. "Mayme/Mamie" Maught, daughter, born Oct. 1880, died 5 Oct 1969 [IGI], married 3 Dec 1902 in Frederick, Frederick Co., MD to Elmer E. Guyton [IGI], born 20 Dec 1878 in Frederick Co., MD [WorldConnect].


The two children of Elmer E. and Marget A. R. (Maught) Guyton:

i    Velma Gertrude Guyton, daughter, born 12 Sep 1904, died 17 May 1996, Jefferson, Frederick Co., MD, married Lee Arnold House, born 14 Sep 1900, son of Greenberry Dillard and Elizabeth (Arnold) House of Burkittsville, died 29 Jan 1978, also in Jefferson.  This couple had two children, still living according to a FHL Ancestral File.

ii    Julia Loretta Guyton, daughter


2    Andrew Roy Maught, son, born Mar 1882 MD, married 1902/03 Julia E. ____, born 1881/82 MD.  In 1910 they were censused in the Jefferson District, Frederick Co., MD; in the 26 Jan 1920 census they had a son Charles J. A., age 3y 9m.  In 1930 they were in Burkittsville, and their son's middle initials were recorded as "J. E.".


The son of Andrew Roy and Julia E. Maught:

i    Charles J. A./E. Maught, born Mar/Apr 1917, MD


3    Esther Maude Maught, daughter, born 30 May 1895 [SSDI], died 9 Mar 1997 in Middletown, married Clark O. Routzahn, born 28 Oct 1887 [SSDI] in MD, died 4 Jul 1988, resided in Arnoldtown, Broad Run and Burkittsville.  Clark O. and E. Maude were censused 1920 in Burkittsville with their son Grafton and her parents.  In 1930 the couple were censused next door to Eva M. Routzahn, 36, who had two daughters and a son living with her.  I did not find Grafton in the 1930 census index, nor was I able to find Clark as a child in the 1900 index.


The son of Clark O. and Esther Maude (Maught) Routzahn:

i    Grafton C. Routzahn, son, born Oct/Nov 1918 MD,


3    Conrad W. Maught, son, born 29 Feb 1820 and died 17 Aug 1857 [Holdcraft, 1966; citing Burkittsville Union 154].  Conrad W. married Myra Wilson, born 1821/1822 [1850 Census]. 


Conrad and his wife and son drove off a company of Confederate soldiers from his home in September, 1862, during the invasion of "Stonewall" Jackson into Frederick County.  His farm was near Burkittsville, which is some five miles southwest of Middletown in Frederick County [Williams and McKinsey, 1910].   He was killed in Knoxville, Frederick, MD, by a Baltimore & Ohio engine while loading wheat [Alexander-Fonde and Alexander-Groff, 1991; Williams and McKinsey, 1910].


The children and grandson of this family as given here are from Williams and McKinsey, and for the first two children confirmed with their ages by the 1850 census in the Petersville District which includes Burkittsville.  That census, incidently, described him as a miller, but did not list a value for any real estate.  Also in his home that year were four boarders, two Irish laborers, an English constable and a clerk born in Virginia. 


In 1860 Myra and her three children were living with her mother-in-law Mary Maught in Petersville (see above for details on that household of nine Maughts.)  By the time of the 1870 census record, Maria Maught, 40 and Franklin C. Maught, 17, were living in the Fourth District, Brighton P.O., Montgomery County, MD .  Brighton is about 35 miles east of Petersville.  In 1880 "Mira" Maught, 58, was living with her sister, Mary Ann Wilson, 64, her son "C. F. Maught", 27, and a grandson of Mary Ann's, in Rockville, Montgomery, MD. 


The three children of Conrad W. and Myra (Wilson) Maught [Alexander-Fonde and Alexander-Groff, 1991]:

i    John William Maught, son, born 24 Jul 1848 and died 29 Feb 1880 [Holdcraft, 1966; citing Burkittsville Union] [Williams and McKinsey, 1910].  John W. was married 26 Nov 1873 to Myra S. Loretta Young, born Oct 1854 in OH, daughter of Jacob and Charlotte E. (Ahalt) Young, and died in 1941 [Holdcraft, 1966; citing Middletown Lutheran]. John is buried in Burkittsville Union Cemetery, and Myra at Middletown Lutheran [Alexander-Fonde and Alexander-Groff, 1991].


I was unable to find John William in the 1870 census index, but in 1860 he was censused in his grandmother's home as William.  In 1880 Myra S. L. Maught, 25, and her son Conrad Jacob were living with her parents in Middletown, and in 1910 Mary L. and Conrad J. were in Middletown with Mary as head of household and with her mother Charlotte, 76 years old, living with them.  (There's no way of knowing whether Myra used the name Mary, or the census taker misunderstood.) In 1930, Myrah L. Maught, 75 and born in OH, was living with her son Conrad J. in Middletown, Frederick, MD.  She indicated that she was 19 at the time of her marriage.


The two children of John W. and Myra Loretta (Young) Maught:

1   Unnamed Maught, daughter, died in infancy 1 Sep 1874 [Holdcraft, 1966; citing Middletown Lutheran].

2   Conrad Jacob Maught, son, born 22 Oct 1877 [Williams and McKinsey, 1910].  In 1900, as Conrad J. Mock, born Oct 1877 in MD, he was censused with his mother Mary L. Mock, born Oct 1854 OH, in Middletown, Frederick, MD.  Conrad is buried at Middletown Lutheran Cemetery.


ii    Lucinda Maught, daughter, born Apr 1850 [1850 Census].  Living with her brother in 1920.


iii   Franklin C. J. "Frank" Maught, son, born 1852/54.  Frank and his sister Lucinda were censused as Mocks 1910 in the 4th District, Montgomery County, MD, from which we get his middle initials.  He gave his age as 56 and hers as 60.  Also in the household was Lucinda Connell, aunt, aged 85.  None of these three recorded any marriage, so it's not obvious how the two Lucinda's were related.  In 1920 in the same place, Frank Maught and his sister Lucinda, 67 and 70, had a cousin Frank Higgins, 73, living with them.


 4    Mary A. Maught, daughter, born 1821/1822 [1850 Census]. 

 5   Phebe A. R. Maught, daughter, died in infancy 1822 [Holdcraft, 1966; citing Petersville Episcopal].

 6   Catherine Ann Elizabeth Maught, daughter, born 17 May 1825 in MD; d 19 Jun 1860, buried at  Middletown, Frederick Co., MD.  Catherine was married 1 Mar 1848 in Frederick Co., MD to Joshua Ahalt born 20 Dec 1821, son of John and Mary (Remsberg) Ahalt.  After Catherine died, Joshua married her younger sister Sarah.  Most of the sources for these two families of Joshua Ahalt are online web sites of GenForum and WorldConnect.


The six children of Joshua and Catherine Ann Elizabeth (Maught) Ahalt:

i    Mary Alice Ahalt, daughter,  born Dec 1847 [1900 Census], living with her father and step-mother in 1880 and, as Alice, with her brother John in 1900.

ii    Charles Thomas Ahalt, son, born 1850; married 1877 Alberta M. R. Huffer, born 1855/56.  While the couple and son were living with his father and step-mother in 1880, his name was listed as Chas. O., 30, and Alberta's age given as 24.


The son of Charles Thomas and Alberta M. R. (Huffer) Ahalt:

1    Joshua D. H. Ahalt, son, born 1879


iii    Laura Catherine Ahalt, daughter, born Jan 1851 [1900 Census], living with her father and step-mother in 1880 and with her brother John in 1900.

iv  Emma Francis Ahalt, daughter, born 11 Dec 1853 Frederick Co., MD; married 19 Nov 1874 in Frederick Co., MD, to Franklin G. House, born 1853/54 MD.  Franklin G. and Emma F. were censused 1880 in Petersville with their four year old daughter Mary C. and a nine year old Silly Norris.  By 1900 they were in Burkittsville, four houses from Charles and Julia Maught, and had in their home their daughter and son-in-law Mary C. and Cecil D. Hightman.


The two children of Frank G. and Emma Francis (Ahalt) House:

1   Mary Catherine House, daughter, born 10 May 1876 in Burkittsville, Frederick Co., MD; married 1896/97 Cecil Hightman, born 27 Mar 1875  [SSDI] MD, son of Thomas and Anna P. B. Hightman of Petersville [1880 Census], died Apr 1964 in Maryland.


The one known child of Cecil and Mary Catherine (House) Hightman:

i  Floyd H. Hightman, son, born 25 Oct 1900 [SSDI] in Burkittsville, Frederick Co., MD, died Jul 1967 [SSDI], married Pauline B. ____, born 1901/02 in MD [1930 census].  Floyd and Pauline with their son Floyd, Jr. were in Hagerstown, Washington Co., MD, in 1930.


The two children of Floyd H. and Pauline B. Hightman:

1   Floyd H. Hightman, Jr., son, born 22 Mar 1925 [SSDI] MD, died 9 Jun 1997 [SSDI], last residence in Lady Lake, Lake Co., Florida.

2  Emma G. Hightman, daughter, born 1926/27 MD [1930 census].


2    Floyd House, son.  Floyd House was not in the 1880 census, so born after that date, nor was he with Frank and Emma in 1900.  I have lost track of my source for this son's name, and don't know whether or not he survived childhood.


v    Ellen Virginia Ahalt, daughter, born 13 Oct 1856 in Middletown, MD, d 31 Aug 1925; married 1883/84 Anderson Garrott, born Feb 1851 MD.  Anderson and Ellen V. were censused 1900 in 3rd Ward, Newport News, Warwick, VA, with their daughter Julia, where he was a dealer in notions.   They had been married 16 years, and she had borne only one child.


Child of Anderson and Ellen Virginia (Maught) Garrott:

1    Julia Garrott, daughter, born Jun 1884 in VA.


vi    John Maught Ahalt, son, born  22 Mar 1858; married Mary E. Easterday.  In 1880, John was living with his father and step-mother in Middletown.  By 1900, he was living in Petersville, next to two Hightman families, with his sisters Alice and Laura living with him.  Also in the home was his stepmother born Aug 1827, but the 5 Jun 1900 census reads "Joshua".  Since Sarah was also listed two weeks later with a Zecker family (see below) that year, this is a somewhat mysterious record.


In 1910, still in Burkittsville, John M. Ahalt was censused with his sisters Aliace and Laura, and they were still living together in 1920.  There was a somewhat younger John M. Ahalt,  born 1860/63, living nearby in Creagerstown all of these years.


 7    Sarah Ann Ellan Maught, daughter, born 24 Aug 1827 [1900 Census], died and buried in Middletown, Frederick, MD [Williams and McKinsey, 1910].  Sarah Ann Ellan Macht married 7 Nov 1861 Joshua Ahalt [Manahan, 1996, citing The Jacob Engelbrecht Marriage Ledger], born 20 Dec 1821, son of John and Mary (Remsberg) Ahalt.  In 1880, Joshua and Sarah had in their home five children, a daughter-in-law and a grandson.  By 19 Jun 1900, Sarah A. Ahalt was censused as an aunt, born Aug 1827, living with William and Margaret Zecker and their five children in Burkittsville.  (But see above the 5 Jun 1900 census with her step-son John.)


The two children of Joshua and Sarah Ann Ellan (Maught) Ahalt:

i    Julia Pearl Ahalt, daughter, born 4 Mar 1864; married J. J. Shenk

ii    Conrad Joshua Ahalt, son, born 8 May 1866, d 14 Sep 1868


8    Julia Ann S. Maught, daughter, born 19 Jan 1829 [1828/1829 in the 1850 Census], d 7 Jan 1896. Alexander-Fonde and Alexander-Groff listed her name from the Burkittsville Union Cemetery, but were unable to identify her place in the family.  Although she has at times been recorded as Juliann, her name in her mother's home in the 1880 census was given as Julia A. S. Maught.  One might surmise that her sister was Eliza Ann, but that's not documented.

9    Eliza A. E. Maught, daughter, born 24 Jul 1835 in Burkittsville, Frederick Co., MD and died 9 Sep 1910  [Alexander-Fonde and Alexander-Groff, 1991].  Eliza A. E. married 1868 Hamilton Josephus Shafer, born 12 Apr 1832 in Burkittsville, Frederick Co., MD.  According to the WorldConnect family tree of Dianne Shafer, Hamilton had  previously been married to Lydia Ann Koontz, born 1834, and they had six children through 1862.  The children of his marriage to Eliza are from that same family tree.  H. Josephus and Eliza were censused 1880 in Petersville, the children through Harry B. being Eliza's step-children.  I have not been able to identify which one of Eliza's brothers was Lucy Maught's father.




In 1910, Josephus H. and Eliza A. E. Shafer were censused in Burkittsville with their daughters Sarah E. and Mary M. living with them, next in the census to their son Franklin A. M. Shafer.  Sarah reported that she had borne 5 children of whom two were still living (Mary and Franklin). 


The children of Hamilton Josephus and Eliza A. E. (Maught) Shafer:

i    Infant Shafer, born 1869 in Frederick Co., MD

ii    Conrad Hamilton Maught Shafer, born 29 Oct 1870 in Frederick Co., MD

iii  Mary M. Shafer, born 5 May 1873 in Frederick Co., MD, living with her parents in 1910.

iv    Franklin A. M. Shafer, born 1876 in Frederick Co., MD, married 1899/1900 to Mattie B. ____, born 1877/78 MD.  In 1910 they were living next door to his parents with their four children.


The four children of Franklin A. M. and Mattie B. Shafer:

1    Ruth Y. Shafer, daughter, born 1901/02 MD

2    Conrad D. Shafer, son, born 1903/04 MD

3    Edward F. Shafer, son, born 1908/09 MD

4    John M. Shafer, son, born 1908/09 MD



iv    Daniel Maught, son, born 4 Sep 1793 in MD, died 22 Feb 1868 [Alexander-Fonde and Alexander-Groff, 1991].  Daniel was married 7 Sep 1815 in Middletown, Frederick Co., MD, to Phoebe Blessing, born 1790/1800 [1830 Census]; 1792 [IGI submitted record] [Barnes, 1978; citing "Evangenical Reformed Lutheran Church, Frederick", Marriages, III, pg 1323; IGI extracted record], daughter of George and Julianna (Easterday) Blessing [IGI]. 


Myers [1986] gives "Daniel, born 1800/10, married 12 Dec 1805 to Phoebe Blessing", a record with both dates wildly incorrect.


There is an 1820 census in the same district for a Danl. Mocht, but it is hard to interpret.  The female born 1750-60 appears also in this earlier census, and the two sons born between 1810 and 1820 appear in agreement with the later census.  But, there are two males in 1820 between the ages of 16 and 18, both included also (if recorded correctly) in the 16 to 26 age bracket.  And that leaves Daniel himself missing, so the accuracy of this earlier census is questionable.  These two males were born before Daniel was at most fourteen years, if we believe the 1830 census, so for now they have to remain a mystery.


The record of the ages of Daniel's family comes from the 1830 census, District-3 in Frederick County, MD.  In addition to his wife, there appears a 70 to 80 year old female, born 1750-1760, most likely his mother-in-law.  


Daniel and Lucinda, both aged 64, were censused 1850 in Perry, Franklin Co., OH adjacent to their son Abraham.  Their granddaughter Elisabeth/Ellen was born there in 1846, so the family must have removed to Ohio sometime before that.  Also 1850 in Perry was a Caroline Muk, 16, born in OH, living in the home of Hiram Richards.  It's unknown as to whether she was in fact a Maught, but note below several Maught connections to the Richards surname.  See also the title of the book by Alexander-Fonde and Alexander-Groff [1991] in the Bibliography below.


Although her given name is difficult to read, "Fheba Mock", age 78, was censused 1870 next to her son Abraham in Perry Township, Franklin Co., OH.  Also in her home were her daughter Jenney, 40, and Adele, age 5, actually Emma Dell, her granddaughter by her son William Abraham.


    Franklin Co., Ohio,

Wikipedia locator map.


The three children of Daniel and Phoebe (Blessing) Maught:

1     George A. G. Maught, b 7 Jul 1818, died 2 Aug 1841, at age 23 y, 1 m, 15 d, and is buried in Union Cemetery, Franklin Co., OH [Alexander-Fonde and Alexander-Groff, 1991].

2    William Abraham W. Maught, son, born 13 Apr 1819, died 30 Sep 1905 [Alexander-Fonde and Alexander-Groff, 1991], married 19 May 1846 in Franklin Co., OH, ["Marriage records, 1803-1951, FHL] to Lucinda Legg, born Sep 1824 in Chillicothe, Ross Co., OH, daughter of Thomas and Amelia (Lane) Legg [Alexander-Fonde and Alexander-Groff, 1991].  Lucinda's age in the 1860 census is written 24; the census taker probably misheard 34.  Census ages for this family vary widely.


Jacki Chase [1997] names William A. W. Maught, son of Daniel and Phoebe, and Lucinda Legg, of Perry Twp., Franklin Co., OH, as her great-great-grandparents. 


Matching Ohio census records for William and Lucinda requires a bit of flexibility.  Here are four Perry Township, Franklin Co., OH records:




*  Five year old Emma lived next door to her parents with her grandmother, censused as "Fheba Mock" and her aunt Jenney in 1870.


The (possibly) eight children of William Abraham W. and Lucinda (Legg) Maught are given here as reported by Alexander-Fonde and Alexander-Groff, except for the order of Nettie and John, and for a question about David Thomas.  Most of the subsequent generations after William and Lucinda are also from this source, with the addition of information from the various censuses.


i    Elizabeth Ellen Maught, daughter, born 1846/48 OH, married 9 Dec 1869 to George M. Richards, born 1843/44.   Her brother, John Grafton, married George's sister Juliann Elenor Richards.  George and Ellen were censused 1870 and 1880 in Perry Township, Franklin Co., OH.  Their daughter was listed as age 9 in the latter census.


1   Lilly Richards, daughter, born 1870/71 in Ohio.


ii   Nettie Maught, born 7 Nov 1852, died 2 Jan 1872, married on 22 Oct 1868 to James Sanford Ortman.   The 1860 census, particularly hard to read, might indicate that Nettie had a first name that started with the letter "O".  A James Ortman, age 33, and wife Lizzie, age 27, were living 1880 in Jefferson, Madison, OH, with son Earl 5, and daughter Ora, 2.  That son was born 1874/75, a few years after Nettie died, and this might be a record of her widower's second marriage, but this is currently just a surmise.  Madison County is adjacent to Franklin County on the west.


1   William Ortman, son, born 1871/72 in Ohio.  In 1880 William was living with his grandparents G. William and Lucinda Maught.


iii    John Grafton Maught, son, born Oct 1854 in OH, died 1910 and is buried in Union Cemetery.  John married Juliann Elenor Richards, born Apr 1854 in OH of parents born in MD.


In 1900 John and Julian Maught were censused in Hartford Twp, Licking Co., OH.  From this record we find the birth months and years for the couple and their three daughters.  However, John gave his birth date as Oct 1852, but he was listed after Nettie in the 1860 census, she being born in 1852, and his age in 1870 implies a birth year of 1853/54.  Alexander-Fonde and Alexander-Groff give his birth year as 1851.  I have settled on 1854, but emphasize that this is somewhat uncertain.   Also at the 1900 census, John said his mother was born in PA, in disagreement with all other records which say OH.  Hartford Twp., Licking Co., is about 15 or twenty miles east and a little north of Perry Twp., Franklin Co.


John G. and "J. Annie" Maught moved to Lawrenceburg, Tennessee sometime after 1900.  This location is about 500 miles southwest of Licking Co., OH.  Alexander-Fonde and Alexander-Groff  report that their two eldest daughters, both teachers, were there as early as the summer of 1905, and John purchased city lots on 2 Mar 1907, two of which he sold two years later.


John and "J. Annie" were censused 1910 in the 9th Civil District, Lawrence Co., TN.    John was born in 1842/43 in OH, his father was born in MD, his mother in OH. Annie was born 1847/48 in OH and her parents were born in MD. Children in the family, all born in OH, were Bessie, Easter and Prudence.  A glaring inconsistency is that the Tennessee John (or at least his census taker) recorded his age as a whole decade older than the John of Ohio.  But the identities of the three daughters assures us that this is the same family, despite the mother's name (J. Annie does sound like Juliann) and the father's age.  



   Lawrence Co., Tennessee,

locator map from Wikipedia


The widow Julian Maught and her daughters returned to Ohio and she, aged 65, was censused 1920 in Delaware City, Delaware Township, Delaware County, OH.  She had in her home her daughter Prudence Arnold, age 31 (born 1888/89, so another error by ten years), her three grandchildren, and her son-in-law George (in that order).  Delaware Co. is adjacent to Franklin Co. on the north. 


See also John's aunt Jannett, below, who lived in MI with a cousin George Richards in 1910.


The daughters of  John Grafton and Juliann E. (Richards) Maught :

1   Bessie Maught , daughter, born 12 May 1880 in Columbus, Franklin, OH, [IGI citing Birth records, Probate Court], died 7 Dec 1911, married 12 Oct 1910 to Noah Blamer, born 1869/70 in OH.  Noah was censused 1920 in Monroe, Licking Co., OH with a wife Florence born 1888/89 and a son aged 4 years and 5 months.

2    Easter Maught , daughter, born 25 Mar 1883 in Canal Winchester, OH, died 24 Apr 1948.  She married James P. Ross, born 24 Aug 1870, son of Henry and Adaline Ross of Sunbury, OH, died 2 May 1947.  James P. and Easter were censused 1920 in Trenton Twp., Delaware Co., OH (just north of Franklin Co.), with their three children.  Easter and James are buried in Sunbury Cemetery, Delaware County.

i  Willard J. Ross, son, born 22 Oct 1911, died 19 May 1981.  He married Erma Baker who died 23 May 1968.

1   Jon Peter Ross, son

2  Trudy Ross, daughter, who married ____ Hite.

ii  Bessie Adeline Ross, daughter, married Oatfield W. Whitney.

1   Hannah Whitney, daughter.

2   Oatfield W. Whitney, III, son

3   Thomas Ross Whitney, son, married Deborah


iii  Lloyd J. Ross, son, married Winagene Granger.

1   Linda Ross, daughter, married ____ Durham.


3    Prudence Maught , daughter, born July 1879 in OH, died 4 Dec 1943, buried Green Hill Cemtery, Johnstown, Licking Co., OH.  Prudence married George Armine Arnold, born 1879/80, son of Israel and Mary (Blamer) Hannahas Arnold. 


The nine children of George and Prudence (Maught) Arnold:

i    Gladys Arnold, daughter, born 1914.

ii   Floyd Armine Arnold, born 1916

iii  Cozetta Fern Arnold, born 1918.

1   Lynda Carol Alexander, m Bert E. Fonde

2   Marsha Kay Alexander, m 3rd David Groff

            and these are the authors of

American Patriot vs. Hessian Mercenary.

iv   Lloyal Wendell Arnold, born 1920.

v    Mary Elenor Arnold, born 1921.

vi   Fairy Dell Arnold, born 1922.

vii   Norbert Edison Arnold, born 1926.

viii  George Richard Arnold, born 1927.

ix     Prudence Jeanette Arnold, born 1930.


iv    Roseanna Maught, daughter, born Sep 1857 in OH, married on 22 May 1877 Phillip Parley Shapter, born May 1852 in OH.  The five children of the family are known from the 1900 census in Precinct E., Columbus 13th Ward, Franklin Co., OH. 


The five children of Phillip Parley and Roseanna (Maught) Shapter:

1   Winfield H. Shapter, son, born Jul 1881 in OH

2   Walter T. Shapter, son, born Dec 1882 in OH

3   George H. Shapter, son, born Feb 1884 in OH

4   Elizabeth Shapter, daughter, born Dec 1890 in OH

5   ____ R. Shapter, daughter, born Feb 1893 in OH.  Her first name was illegible on the census image.


v   Amelia Ann Maught, daughter, born 1854/55 OH, married 4 Sep 1884 to Isaac W. Jones [Jacki Chase, MOCK-GEN-L, 23 Mar 1997].

1   William Alfred Jones, son, married Mary Sophia Bruzelius.

i   Peter Vernon Jones, son.

1  Jacki Jones, daughter, married ____ Chase.


vi    Thomas Daniel L. Maught, son, born 1858/59 OH, married 1902/03 Laura B. ____, born 1869, died 1938.  Alexander-Fonde and Alexander-Groff name him as David Thomas, presumably from his burial record in Union Cemetery. Thomas was censused in his father's home as Daniel L., as Samuel, and as T. Daniel, each time recorded as born 1858/59.  My conclusion is that the second (1870) census taker simply misheard Daniel as Samuel, and that was not one of his given names. 


In 1910, Thomas and Laura Maught, 51 and 41, were censused in Cambria Twp., Hillsdale Co., MI, five houses from where his aunt Jennie was living.  That year they recorded that they had been married seven years, and had no children.  By 1920 they were back in Ohio, Thomas  and Laura, 60 and 5?, censused in Hilliard, Norwick Twp., OH.

vii    M. Ida Maught, daughter, born 1861/62 OH, died 1955 and buried in Union Cemetery.  She married James M. Murphy, born 1861, died 1932.

viii   Emma Dell Maught, daughter, born 1864, died 1960, buried in Union Cemetery.  She married 23 Apr 1890 to Edward T. Howard, born 1857, died 1921.  Censused as A. Emma in 1880, she may have had a third given name.


The only child of Edward T. and Emma Dell (Maught) Howard:

1   Kenneth Howard, son, born 1897, died 1978, married Ruth ____, born 1898, died 1983.  Both are buried in Union Cemetery.



3     D. Jannett E. "Jennie" Maught, born 1826/32 MD, of Perry, Franklin Co., OH 1830-1900.  Living, as D. Jennie, adjacent to brother William in 1880.    Census birth years:  1825/1830 [1830], 1831/32 [1850], 1829/30 [1880], 1828/29 [1900].  Although the initials are different, this is surely the Jenne E. Maught, born 1828/29 in MD of MD born parents, censused 1910 as a cousin in the home of George M. and Ella Richards, 65 and 61 years old, and their daughter Zora E., 19, in Cambria Twp., Hillsdale Co., MI.


Hillsdale Co., Michigan,

 Wikipedia locator map


v    William Maught, son, born 18 Mar 1798, died 6 Nov 1853, buried in St. Mark's Episcopal Cemetery [Alexander-Fonde and Alexander-Groff, 1991].  William was married 15 Jan 1825 to Elizabeth Schaff, daughter of Jacob and Margaret (Weaver) Schaff [Alexander-Fonde and Alexander-Groff, 1991].  Elizabeth was born 25 Feb 1800 Jefferson, Frederick, MD, chr. 19 Apr 1801 in the Lutheran Congregation of Zion Church, Middletown, Frederick, MD [IGI submitted record], and died 29 Sep 1886 [Holdcraft, 1966; citing Jefferson Union.].  Elizabeth in 1880 was living with her brother Daniel Shaff and five of their siblings.


In 1840 William was censused with a female child less than five years of age.  And in 1870 he had in his home a Susan Maugh, age 52 (and so born 1817/18)  keeping house for him.  It would seem from their ages and his marriage date that neither of these could have been his daughters.   However, a daughter born more than ten years after his marriage would be explicable if there had been other, unrecorded children born in the interim.


This William's 1850 census record in Petersville followed sequentially after that of Henry and Samuel Maught, and indicated he owned real estate to the value of $3000.  The surname of Jeremiah, the 16 year old laborer in his household that year, looks like Crum, as best I can read it.  There were 19 census records in Frederick county in 1870 for that surname.


Censused also in 1850 between the household of William Maught's mother Mary and that of an Elizabeth Easterday, 43, was 73 year old Margaret Shaff, surely Elizabeth's mother, with her six children ranging in age from 29 to 38 years and a William Crum in her home.


The census of Charles L. Maught in 1920 records another Crum connection.  See the entry at the end of this report listing this and other Maught records.  


In 1870 William was censused as a retired Carpenter, age 75, with estate values of $5000 and $5800.   Living in the household were Sarah and Harriet Border, 17 and 10, and Mary Wrigle, age 82 with estate and personal values of $2400 and $1200.


vi    Samuel Maught, son, born 7 Mar 1801 and died 17 Aug 1877 [Myers, 1986].  Samuel was married 1st to 9 May 1829 to Sarah House.  He was married 2nd on 5 Sep 1840 in Washington Co., MD, to Nancy Ann Adams [IGI], born 1807/1808 [censuses].  Myers [1986] claims he married Sarah House 9 May 1839, but that was a decadal error according to all of the census records, and led McDaniel [2007] to credit the wrong mother to Samuel's first three children.


The 1840 census in Petersville, after the births of his first three children, lists no wife but two males, one born 1810-1820 and the other 1820-1825.  In the 1850 census, at age 49, Samuel's wife's name is given as Nancy A., and the age of their daughter, Mary A.,is given as eight years.  In 1860 he was censused in Frederick City as age 69, and Ann 63.  These ages are ten years off compared to three other census records.  In 1870 Samuel was again 69 and Nancy 62, and they had living in their home son-in-law Peter Sahm, 36, a clerk in the register's office, their daughter Mary Sahm, 27, and grandson Robert J. Sahm, 7.  By 1880, the widow Nancy was living with her daughter Mary Sahm in Frederick City.


Also in Samuel's 1850 census record are L__a Crum, 21 (female) born in Pennsylvania and John Crum, 15, born in Maryland.  Samuel's brother William, in the next census line, has in his home 16 year old Jeremiah Crum, if the difficult to read surname has been correctly interpreted.


The three children of Samuel and Sarah (House) Maught:

1    Louisa Maught, daughter, born abt 1829

2    Jeremiah Maught, son, born abt 1834

3    John Maught, son, born abt 1835


The only child of Samuel and Nancy A. (Adams) Maught:

1    Mary A. B. Maught, daughter, born 1841/1843 in MD [censuses], and died 5 Sep 1915 [IGI].  Mary was married 25 Mar 1858 in Middletown, Frederick, MD [IGI] to Peter Sahm (Jun'r), born ca 1855 in Frederick Co., MD, died 17 Mar 1921 [IGI].  In 1870 she was helping keep house for her parents, and had with her Robert J. Sahm, age 2.  In 1880, Mary A. gave her 12 year old son's initials as A. T., the 1870 record was incorrect.


The only child of Peter and Mary A. B. (Maught) Sahm:

i    Robert Ashby T. Sahm, born 1867, chr. 27 Oct 1868 in Evangelical Lutheran or Lutheran Congregation, Middletown, Frederick, MD [IGI]


vii   Henry Maught, son, born 2 Apr 1804, died 31 Mar 1877, and is buried in St. Mark's Episcopal Cemetery [Alexander-Fonde and Alexander-Groff, 1991; Holdcraft, 1966; citing Petersville Episcopal].  Henry married Mary A. ____, born 1805/1806 [1850 Census].  Apparently Mary died before 1860, as did their married son.


In 1860, an H. Maught, 54, was censused in Petersville, Frederick Co., MD with Sarah Maught, 23, Henry Maught, 2 years, and William Maught, 2 months old. I am assuming that Sarah was a daughter-in-law, and Henry and William his grandsons.  Also in his home were Jeramiah Maught, 11, a black boy born 1848/49, and Ann Maught, 15, thus born 1844/45, both born in MD.  I have no other record of an Ann (even as a middle name) born to any of Henry's brothers or nephews in that time period.  Next door to Henry were H. and Catherine Richards.  In Petersville in 1870 Henry, 65, still had Sarah Maught, age 31, keeping house, and the two Maught grandchildren, Henry C. 12 and William W., 9. 


The unknown son of Henry and Mary A. Maught:


i    Maught son, born est. 1833/37, married ca 1857 Sarah A. ____, born 1838/39 MD.  On 13 Nov 1878 Sarah A. Maught married Joseph Goodman [IGI Transcript of church records, 1746-1887, Evangelical Lutheran Church, Frederick, MD].


In 1880, Joseph Goodman, aged 62 and a Wheelwright, was censused in Petersville, Frederick Co., MD, with his wife Sarah, 43, born in MD.  Also in the home were two stepsons, Wheedon and Charles Maught, ages 20 and 9, thus born about 1860 and 1871.  All four were born in Maryland.  "Wheedon" obviously is William W.  I was unable to find anyone of these folks in later censuses except William.


The three children of ____ and Sarah (____) Maught:

1    Henry Clarence Maught, son, born 11 Mar 1858,  [1857/58 MD 1850 Census], died 12 Apr 1885 .  In 1880 Henry Maught, age 22, was living alone and working as a clerk in a store in Ijamsville, New Market district, Frederick, MD.  Ijamsville, about five miles southeast of the city of Frederick, was at that time a village of 17 households.  Alexander-Fonde and Alexander-Groff note the burial in St. Mark's Episcopal Cemetery of C. H. Maught, b 11 Mar 1858, d 12 Apr 1885, but were unable to place him within the family.  I have adoped those dates for Henry Clarence.

2    William W. Maught, son, born 1859/62 MD [censuses], married Anna M. ____, born MD of MD born parents.  In 1910, William and Anna were censused in Petersville District No 12, Frederick Co., MD, from which record we get their childrens' names and ages.  Also with the family that year was William's mother, Sarrah, age 73.


William W. Maught, born 1861/62 MD, parents born MD, censused 1920 in Urbana District, Frederick Co., MD, recorded as a servant in the home of Michael and Marc C. Unger.


The five children of William W. and Anna M. Maught:

i    Anna Maught, daughter, born 1897/98 MD

ii    Milton Maught, son, born 1890/91 MD

iii    Charles Maught, son, born 1904/05 MD

iv    Bell Maught, daughter, born 1905/06 MD

v    Henry Maught, son, born 1907/08 MD


3    Charles Maught, son, born 1870/71 MD [1880 Census]






(listed chronologically)


Except for the last two, relegated to the bottom of the list, the following records are for Maughts found in Maryland who are probably part of Andrew Maught's lineage, but whose connections have not as yet been found.




Ellen Maught, censused at age 58 in 1860 in Jefferson District, Burkittsville P. O., Frederick County, was living alone next door to Christian and Mary Esterday and their five children. From that census alone it's impossible to tell whether Maught was her maiden or married name.  She did not appear in any later census index, nor in 1850.  This might have been the female in Andrew's home 1820 (born 1804-1810) and 1830 (born 1800-1810), although one of the ages is a couple of years off. One of Andrew's daughters was deceased by 1860, and the other married, so Ellen is not a middle name of either.  Andrew's grandson William Abraham named a daughter Ellen Elizabeth, or Elizabeth Ellen Maught. 


Were it not for the fact that Andrew's estate administration did not name her as an heir, I would have concluded that this was a previously unidentified daughter of his, born in the six year period between William and Henry.  However, I have never encountered a missing heir in those times, so I no longer believe she was Andrew's child.  The only possibility I can come up with is that Andrew's son Henry might have married twice, but was living apart from his second wife in 1860.  We know his (first) wife, named Mary A. from the 1850 census, had died by 1860, and he lived until 1877.  This is a fairly convoluted explanation, but I offer it as a suggestion to any researcher interested in difficult  identifications.




Anna M. Maught, born 1867/68 in MD of parents born in MD, a servant in the home of Katie Fraley, was censused 1920  in Frederick, Frederick, MD.




In 1840 William Maught, son of Andrew, was censused with a Susan Maugh, age 52 (and so born 1817/18)  keeping house for him.




Ann Maught, born 1844/45 in Maryland, was censused in the home of Henry Maught, son of Andrew, in 1860.




Bell E. Maught was censused 1920 as the adopted daughter of John W. and Mary A. Lowman in the Woodville 18th District, Frederick Co., MD. She was listed as 13 years old, so born 1906/07, she and both parents born in MD.  Also in the household was a 12 year old stepson John E. Harris.  In 1930 the head of household was J. Robert Lowman, 24 year old Belle Maught was listed as a lodger, the stepson still at home.




Charles L. Maught in 1920 was living as a 16 year old brother-in-law in the home of John D. and Annie S. Crum in Mt. Pleasant, Frederick Co., MD.  John's age was recorded as 66 and Annie's as 21, and the children in the family were Sarah E., 12, John H., 2 ½, and Mary R. Crum, 1/12 years old.  Looking back to 1910, John D. Crum was censused in Mt. Pleasant as a widower, aged 55, with no wife and with children, Annie M. 15, Walter M., 13, and Sarah E., 2.  In 1900, John D. was censued with his wife Florence A., and children Samuel D., Harrie N., Edward H, Harvie L., Annie M., and Walter M. Crum.


Putting these records together, we have that Annie S. Maught was born 1898/99, had a younger brother Charles L. Maught born 1903/04, and married John Crum as his second wife at about age 18.  Annie and Charles were both born in Maryland of Maryland born parents.  It's probable that Mary Crum, and possibly John, were children of Annie S. (Maught) Crum.




Andrew Maught, b 21 May 1916, died Oct 1984, latest residences in Burkittsville and Jefferson, Frederick, MD, [SS Death Index].






A widow, born 1827/28, whose parents were born in VA.  Rutherford, TN, is hundreds of miles west, but VA is just across the river from the Maught families of Frederick Co., MD.  Note that John, son of Daniel and Phoebe (Blesssing) Maught and his family were censused 1910 in Lawrence Co., TN, about 75 miles southwest of Rutherford County.  This family, on the other hand, might not have been related (at least in this country) to any of Andrew Maught's decendants.




Otto L. Maught, born 1857/58 WA, father born Iowa, mother born in TX, censused 1920 in E. North Plains Precinct, Washington Co., OR.  With him were his wife Rebecca and five children.  Otto may have been the descendant of some other Maught immigrant, or his surname fortuitously mis-spelled.





"Andreas Heinrich Maagd" from the Journal of The Pennsylvania German Society


Copy provided by Larry Gamby [2007]


Andreas Heinrich Maagd, Private, Bayreuth Regt., Lt. von Reitzenstein Co., deserted 13 May 1783 (StŠdtler:p.163).

Andreas Heinrich Macht married Maria Barbara Reichert 18 May 1784 (Frederick Lutheran register). 1790 census, Frederick co.: Andrew Mockett, 2 m., 3 f. Andrew Mock bought 37 acres of land 20 July 1795 (FCDB WR 13:412). 1800 Census, Frederick co., dist. 3: Andrew Mott, 1 m., 1 f. 26/45, 1 m., 2 f. 10/16, 2 m., 1 f. 0/9. Andrew Mocht was naturalized 12 Feb. 1814, Frederick, renouncing his allegiance to the King of Great Britain. " .. one of the Hessian soldiers brought to America during the Revolutionary War ... taken prisoner at Yorktown, Va ... was marched to Fredericktown, Md. He was a weaver ... married in the Middletown Valley" (Williams:p.994) "Andrew Macht, native of Germany, came to America with the Bayreuth Regiment during the Revolutionary War. He was in the same company with my Father and was Messmate with him during the whole time they were in the army ... died on the Merryland tract ... " (Engelbrecht). Tombstone inscription: "Andrew Maught, 7 Sept. 1840, 82 years 6 months" (Petersville Episcopal cemetery). Estate of Andrew Maught probated 3 Nov. 1840 (Frederick co. admin. accts. TS 3:856).

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